Dance Yourself Free.

  • My heart leaves lighter and more joyful every. single. time.

    Renae Boge Launderville
  • Kaya is beyond good for the soul. Feeling so much joy…

    Stephanie Galvagno
  • Danielle is magical, sincere, inspiring, and masterful.

    Marika Tomkins
  • Sometimes I get completely blissed out – a place of deep feeling between joy and crying that I never get to any other time. Kaya is my feeling practice. It’s literally where I have no choice but to feel. Where I can’t avoid what I’m feeling, and I can be connected to something that’s been waiting for me to find it under all the thinking.

    Mary McInnis Meyer
  • Danielle and Kaya will move you to places of awareness and joy you never knew you could FEEL!  Just you, in your body, dancing your authentic spirit, connecting with music, without boundaries or inhibitions, only pure joy and amazement and gratitude for the body you live in!

    Erin Semler
  • I did Kaya with Danielle in Idaho and LOVED it!! I am not exaggerating when I say it was one of the best discoveries of my life. It was a fun, wonderful journey of body and spirit.  I loved feeling free when dancing while learning to be aware of our bodies’ voice.  It is a  perfect balance of guidance and self-expression. Of inner peace and super energy. And it lasted and brought joy to the whole week! It  still does!

    Janet Anders
  • Dancing with Danielle is a gift not only to my body, but my heart and soul have also drank fiercely from this joyous freedom. She’s truly a master teacher. So much gratitude…

    Dayna Wilbanks
  • Kaya is joy and freedom manifested into a physical experience. Kaya creates a space to dance, celebrate, and let free all aspects of “me.” Kaya allowed me to truly reconnect to my body in a way that I hadn’t experienced since I was a kid. Complete appreciation, joy, curiosity, and most importantly love. Kaya has completely transformed how I interact with my body. It is a practice you will carry with you for life!

    Cayse Shultz