Kaya is a blissful, barefoot conscious dance practice that blends all kinds of movement to all kinds of music. Uniting simple choreography with intervals of freeform bliss, Kaya is about celebrating your aliveness through joyful, feel-good dancing. It’s a class where you can be soft, curvy, and sensitive one moment, and then hard, athletic, and explosive the next. It’s a place for you to move, let go, and be free — where you can get it all! Kaya classes are designed to be cathartic, free-spirited and sublime, all the while getting the workout your body craves and the community connection your heart is yearning for. In Zulu, Kaya means “home.” In Sanskrit, “body.” In Rastafarian, “enlightenment.” These translations are perfect examples of what the Kaya practice is all about: coming home to your body for the truth and bliss you are seeking. Come! Dance yourself free!